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Our Self-Fly safaris may be flown ”independently " or in a " small group ".
The main differences are:    

Small Groups flying

Independent flying

  1. Comprise between 2 to 6 planes travelling over 12 to 20 days
  2. Are led by our experienced local crew who may be in a separate airplane or riding shotgun in the group.
  3. Route between 1800 and 2800 Nm.
  4. Are made up of solo pilots, couples or groups of friends.


  1. May be done on your own on any of our premium or custom itineraries on dates most suitable to you
  2. You may elect to have one of our local pilots accompany you for safety or as a flying companion. However you will still get all the stick time.
  3. Is generally more flexible - i.e. if you have friends or family group you wish to bring on safari then we would arrange a larger, or more than one, aircraft .


The countries we visit on our various safaris include the politically stable and friendly countries of South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique. Until further notice we have discontinued flying into Zimbabwe.

Central to a Self-Fly safari, is that unless you prefer that we supply a pilot,  you will need a validation of your pilot’s license to act as PIC in a locally registered airplane. Please click here for more information on this.

Our flying safaris are voyages of discovery to wonderful destinations that showcase diversity and the very best to see and do. We focus on visiting exclusive areas (private and national parks) rich in wildlife (all the animals, birds, reptiles, insects), culture (local tribes and tribal life), diverse scenery and topography, prehistoric geology and archaeology, history and tradition, in fully inclusive itineraries proven over more than 33 years of personal experience in the region. Along the way, we overnight in exclusive lodges and safari camps. Many of these are located deep inside wildlife parks and we might be the only guests there. There are no crowds or other distracting issues - these are privileged places to be and not open to the general public.

We have many enquiries from single pilots who don't have a specific companion coming on safari. You may wish either to fly solo or with another like-minded pilot or right seat companion. Should you prefer a flying partner, in many cases we will be able to make the 'connection' work by finding such from our many enquiries. This lowers the flying costs - but you can still elect to take up single accommodations or share twin accommodations.

Some options to consider:

  • Custom-made 'Independent' Safaris: PrePlanned or Free-flow
    Tell us your interests and "wish list" of places to go to and the kind of safari you want and when, and if you wish to combine it with a visit to Cape Town or another area. Your program may take the form of a feature-packed and intensive wildlife safari staying at 5 star lodges OR you could be flying the hinterland and staying in villages and small communities far off the beaten track.

    We will guide you through your choices and suggest good itinerary options that make it possible to do your entire program flying yourself there. A pre-planned Self-Pilot safari has numerous advantages, including more time to see and do what you really came here for, avoiding the lengthy process of information gathering, documentation and trying to co-ordinate the intensive logistics of flying in foreign countries.

  • Premium Safaris
    We have designed various high-delivery safaris which are described below and in more detail elsewhere in this website. These are:

    Zambezi, Rhino, South African Odyssey, Desert & Delta & Wildebeest Wings & Grand Aviators.

    They depart every month. let us know your preferred dates either by email or on the online form which can be found on the Tour Costs and Schedules page. We will revert to you right away.

    Cape Town: We highly recommend a pre-arranged visit to the southern-most tip of the continent before or after your flying safari, to include: Cape Town, Table Mountain, Cape Peninsula, coast and the winelands. If you arrive in Cape Town prior to your Self-Fly safari, you benefit by doing your checkride there and so get to fly this scenic area as well. We arrange everything before hand so all fits together seamlessly.

Premium Safaris

All Self-Fly safaris are preceded by 2 – 4 days to complete the validation of your licence and sightsee the local area. During this time there are lots of activities for your non-pilot companions to participate in, both in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
"Zambezi" Safari :

.A wildlife extravaganza, visiting remote game parks, exceptional flying. Total tour duration 14 – 16 days

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This safari offers the best of the northern region of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana’s game-rich areas. It is high on value for both wildlife and African cultures. From open off road vehicles with exceptional guides we take in all the animals, birds and reptiles, visit feature places and have excellent flying scenery; Pilanesberg N.P. ~ Matobos N.P ~ Lake Kariba ~ Mana Pools N.P. ~ Zambezi floodplain, canyon and the gorge ~ Victoria Falls ~ Forests and Mountains ~ ancient rock formations ~ Indigenous tribespeople

For an in-depth overview and detailed itineraries on this tour, click here.
""South African Odyssey" Safari :

A balance of varied wildlife, cultural and historic aspects.   Total tour Duration: 15 - 17 days

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We circumnavigate around South Africa's spectacular flying terrain and ground activities.

Focus is on what the most powerful nation in Africa has to offer: Top drawer wildlife game reserves and a look at animal rehabilitation into their original habitats before the first settlers eradicated them for sport shooting: Poignant moments of pioneering history – savage Zulu tribal and colonial conflict –insight into their cultures, traditions, epic battle sites, history and legend.

The world's richest gold mines ~ private and national wildlife parks ~Towering mountain peaks and high plateaus ~ River systems, ranches & valleys ~ Subtropical forests, canyons & coastal plains and beaches ~ Cape Town, Table Mountain, peninsula and winelands ~ indigenous peoples and their cultures.

For an in-depth overview and detailed itineraries on this tour, click here.
"Rhino" Safari :

An intensive wildlife smorgasbord.  Total tour Duration: 15 days

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Based mostly in Botswana, we also get to see much of the best in the neighbouring countries of South Africa and Zambia. Bush airstrips in the wild: Big on wildlife; National parks teeming with creatures of every description including the "Big 5" and countless other species. Game driving in open 4X4 safari vehicles with knowledgeable rangers ~ Kalahari desert ~ Okavango delta ~ Zambezi river ~ Victoria Falls ~ Magadigadi pans ~ tea plantations ~ Subtropical forests ~ Ancient rock formations ~ Indigenous peoples, their lives, cultures and traditions.

For an in-depth overview and detailed itineraries on this tour, click here.
""Desert & Delta" Safari :

Awesome flying, Deserts and Deltas.  Total tour Duration: 18 - 20 days

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We head through 4 sovereign countries, and overfly another two as we traverse large tracts of virgin territory in this journey of discovery. A palette of Southern Africa’s regions of greatest contrast spread over the south western Subcontinent – dramatic, wild and remote. Hardy tribes, desert adapted fauna and flora ~ the planet’s highest dunes and oldest deserts ~ Canyons ~ “moonscape” mountains ~ savannah, bush and forests ~ huge waterways, floodplains, pans and deltas: All the Wild Animals ~ the peoples, their cultures, traditions, ancient and contemporary art.

For an in-depth overview and detailed itineraries on this tour, click here,
""Chauffeured Flying" Safari :

For non-pilots.  Duration: 9 - 18 days

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In combination with any of our flying safaris above, come along in a crewed light aircraft flying in formation ~ all the highlights of the Self-Pilot Safaris with the piloting done for you!!


For an in-depth overview on this tour, click here.

Classic Tours

""Classic Flying and Big Game Safaris" :

Travel in a DC3 classic airliner. Duration: 14 - 18 days

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The definitive "Out of Africa" experience is staged across the vastness of the African subcontinent. Itineraries combine transport in a classic airliner with comfortable journeys in restored railroad trains with luxury railway wagon accommodations.

For an in-depth overview on these two tours, click here.
""Livingstone's Legend" :  

The ultimate East and Southern African Tour. Duration: 15 days

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Relive a century past and follow in the footsteps of the great African explorer, David Livingstone.
For an in-depth overview on these two tours, click here.

NB: Short day-excursions: Half or full day tours can be arranged as optional extras to your tour of choice.


Note on accommodations:
In most of our Premium Safaris,  the lodges, bushcamps and hotels we use are all top rated according to international standards (Leading Hotels, Relaix Chateau, Private collection etc).

Your overnight stays are an integral feature of your tour, with superb meals and personal service. Air-conditioning is seldom required, and those that need it are equipped.

Accommodations in bush lodges and "camps" feature separate private bungalows, chalets or luxury safari canvas, all with full bathroom facilities, designed and styled to integrate into their surroundings. Most have 24 hour electricity.

In the Wildebeest Wings safaris, we make use of local inns, lodges and game lodges of a moderate standard.

For more information and pictures, please click here

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