Activities & Day Tours in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria  

All are good value, entertaining, interesting and educational.   Many can be combined and fill your time in the area fully and completely.  Of course there are also the endless shopping opportunities and other offerings of this modern city.  Most of these tours rely on a minimum of 2 persons to run – however please enquire for joining an existing trip.

NB:  Some of these tours need to be pre-booked – please discuss with African Aero Safaris or your guide or hotel reception/concierge.  For pricing information, please let us know which you may be interested in and we will advise further.

Museum Africa & Soweto Tour:

(morning or afternoon)

Drive through Johannesburg to Museum Africa which was once the city's fruit and veg market but now displays African heritage collections.

This tour gives you the opportunity to gain a new perspective and personal insight into the largest Black city in Africa. Soweto is synonymous with the struggle for freedom in South Africa and is a vibrant, culturally rich township situated on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Amongst other within Soweto you will see the Hector Petersen Memorial, Regina Mundi Church, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Nelson Mandela's House, Freedom Square and the Oppenheimer Tower. Optional lunch at Wandies restaurant.
Lesedi Cultural Village:

(lunch or evening, includes meal)

Lesedi is a multi-cultural African Village, set amongst the pristine Bushveld and rocky hills on the northern edges of the greater metropolitan area of Johannesburg.

The village consists of a number of different homesteads or traditional villages: the Xhosa, Zulu and the Pedi. Guests experience a traditional welcome upon arrival, guided cultural walkabout through two of the four homesteads, traditional song and dance and traditional lunch.

Johannesburg, Gold Reef City and the Apartheid Museum:

(All days except Sundays - morning or afternoon)

Gold Reef City: Built around the original No. 14 Shaft of Crown Mines, Gold Reef City recreates the city of Johannesburg as it was during the gold rush days of the last century. On certain days there is the opportunity to go down into the mine itself. Very good entertainment value for youngsters.

The Apartheid Museum: Apartheid was dismantled a in the early ‘90’s but its full horror lives on in a stark white building in Johannesburg. The Apartheid Museum takes visitors on a fascinating, horrifying, humbling and ultimately inspiring journey from the dark days of ‘whites only’ privilege, through to Nelson Mandela’s historic release from prison. Get an inkling of what it was like to have your entire life determined by your skin colour.

Tiger Moth or T- 6 Ride:

(morning or afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays)

South Africa is home to some of the world’s most avid aviation enthusiasts. There is a great collection of pre- and post war trainers, fighters and military aircraft – prop and jet. An ride or flip with a local pilot is great fun and thrilling for any pilot – you get full-on stick time.
Pretoria and the Premier Diamond Mine:

(full day includes lunch) 

View the gigantic hole (over a kilometre long by half as wide). This is where the largest diamond ever (the Cullinan) was found, 3106 carats. Go on a surface tour of the operational mine. Walk through the quaint village; see murals in the recreation hall that were hidden from view for half a century.

On the way back we pay a visit to the home of Sammy Marks and drive through Pretoria. Visit the capital city, see the Voortrekker Monument, Kruger House, Historic Church Square with its beautiful buildings and the Kruger Statue. Drive through this picturesque city to the Union Buildings (seat of Government), Melrose House, visit a 1899 Boer war fort. Lunch in a park or a historical café.

Hot-air balloon Ride:

(morning - weather permitting)

We start before dawn, getting to the launchsite for hot coffee and tea, whilst the crew prepare for the flight.

After launch, we drift for about an hour down the picturesque Hartebeespoort dam valley as the sun rises, champagne served in-flight (or on landing). A hearty farm breakfast served on landing. A great introduction to Africa from the air

The Cradle of Humankind:

(morning or afternoon)

Visiting the World Heritage site of Sterkfontein and Wondercaves, comprising 13 fossil sites. It includes Mrs. Ples, a 2.5 million year old skull and “Little Foot” a virtually complete skeleton 4.7 million years old.

Remains of ape-man, fauna remains exceeding a million years, cave formations and chambers. Fossil remains of sabre-toothed cat and 2.8 million year old forest-dwelling monkeys. This area is mysterious and enchanting, with new discoveries almost daily.

De Wildt Cheetah Reserve:

(morning or afternoon)

This facility has gained international recognition for bringing the cheetah back from the brink of extinction through its breeding programmes. This success has been unparalleled anywhere else in the world! De Wildt offers you the opportunity to learn more about fascinating creatures such as the wild dog, cheetah and various species of owls and vultures.
The optional “Reach for the Wild” sensory trail offers a unique experience with nature. It is laid out on a beautiful part of De Wildt and offers a variety of sounds and atmospheres. You will hear birds, feel the wind and touch the trees. Visitors are encouraged to use all their senses and in the process will discover interesting facts about the ancient Magaliesberg mountains, animals resident in the range, their spoor, birds - their eggs and nests – all activities conducted by a knowledgeable guide.
Elephant Sanctuary:

(morning or afternoon)

One of a kind elephant interaction. An experience for young and old.

We do an elephant introduction with their guide and get to know about each elephant and of course elephants in general, in the mountain area, uphill walk aprox 200m, trunk-in-hand. See where the elephants sleep at night in their stables and feed them. On some hot days you may even see the elephants swimming. Lunch on the main deck overlooking the elephants. Remember to wear flat walking shoes, sun hats and bring your camera.

Lion and Rhino Park:

(morning or afternoon)

A visit to this area gets you up close and personal to these amazing animals and made all the more interesting by your guide, who will tell you all about these and all the other animals seen and unseen around you.


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