Africa Aero Safaris is approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority to administer the process of issuing your validated licence to fly a locally registered airplane. With information from you, we commence the process many weeks prior to your arrival. Upon your arrival in Cape Town or Johannesburg, we arrange your checkride, airlaw and other requirements enabling you to pilot VFR by daytime. On your arrival, the process takes 2 - 4 days and includes sightseeing the local area. There lots of activities for your non-pilot companions to participate in, both in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

NB: We are the only self-fly safari operator  that offers the facility to do your checkride in Cape Town. We highly recommend this option before heading for Johannesburg and embarking on your safari.


These are the advantages:
1) You get to wear off jet lag at sea level rather than at Johannesburg's 5000’
2) We can complete your pilot’s license validation at sea level which is much easier than at higher altitude.
3) Less time spent in Johannesburg and more in Cape Town and environs – more enjoyable by far, especially for your non-flying companions, and much better value.
4) You get to fly over the winelands, False Bay, Table Bay, Robben island (Nelson Mandela’s prison) and the Cape Point lighthouse and peninsula, whilst doing your checkride.

Our program for validation in Cape Town is flexible and is fitted around your daily activities and the weather conditions. Each tour Itinerary Page has a recommended 3 day programme that lays out the options for completing your validation in either Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Additional Flying Information:

  • The following information is available as MS Word documents.
Airplanes and validating:

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Weather, Terrain & Flying Conditions:

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Safari flying guide:

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