Information on Southern African Wildlife

What are Africa's Big Five?
Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo were considered by the early settlers to be the 5 most dangerous animals to hunt.






Extremely crafty and the ultimate survivors with no natural enemies, they are difficult to track and lethal if cornered.
Many reasons contribute to the existence of any or all these large mammals in a particular area. Although Elephant, Lion and Leopard often co-exist, Buffalo and Rhino do not make their presence felt in every area due to a past legacy of poaching and disease.

This scenario has dramatically improved with stringent controls and disease prevention and treatment programs. We travel to many places where at close quarters, you will see all these animals, and in some cases they are all there together, always along with a plethora of their other co-habitants of the wild ~ mammals, reptiles, insects and birds.

South African Wildlife

We hope you have the time to read through this article before your trip, to gain insight into the amazing animals that will be all around you, some seen, but mostly not!

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